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Scents have the most profound effect on the five senses. Turn your ordinary pedicure
and manicure into an extraordinary spa experience and invigorate your mind and body.

Fight the appearance of fine lines and the loss of elasticity in skin with our fresh aloe vera. It supplies oxygen to the skin cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissues. It rejuvenates the skin, hydrates, and makes it flexible.

This is an amazing cosmetic treat, with many benefits for the skin. With its soothing and relaxing aroma, rose petal tea contains vitamins C,D,E and some B vitamins too! Rose petals also contain antioxidants and they are a mild sedative, anti-depressant and mood enhancing agent.

Milk & Honey provides a plethora of all natural beauty benefits.
With repeated use, you can achieve soft, glowing and flawless skin

Ginger can help reduce breakouts by cleansing pores and drawing toxins out of skin. It is helpful in decreasing inflammation from a recent breakout or healing scars. Ginger also has antifungal properties and is a natural way to treat athletes' foot.

A Lavender mask moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a silky, smooth and nourished feeling. They will restore the limberness of your skin by replenishing the water content. It helps in removing dead skin cells, bacteria and toxins from the skin.

Cool off those tired feet with a refreshing cucumber treatment rich with Vitamin A, B, and C that can help ease fluid retention. The natural qualities of cucumber essence to rejuvenate your skin's healthy color and glow.

Exfoliating and moisturizing citrus scrub with fresh orange slices, firming mud mask wrap in hot towel, and warm paraffin treatment will restore that healthy glow.

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